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LA JOLLA (CBS 8) - In 1959 at 13 years old, Dodie Stevens was riding the top of the pops with a million-selling summertime smash, "Pink Shoe Laces". Six years ago, when I first interviewed Dodie in her Vista Home, she explained the cultural significance of her hit.

"It was the first rap record, because all the words were spoken -- 'I've got a guy and his name is Dooley, he's my guy and I love him truly,'" she said.

On Wednesday, Dodie and her daughter Stephanie brought a different kind of rap to La Jolla Elementary School.

"For the most part we're talking about the bullying going on in schools," Dodie said. "160,000 kids a day don't go to schools because they are bullied and afraid to go, and there's a one out of 10 dropout of school because they are afraid of bullying."

This mom-daughter duo are using music to spread their message, co-writing a sing-along song called "I'm Not a Bully".

"When I was in school I learned my ABCs to a song and 'til this day I still remember that song. It's the same with these things. They are very repetitious songs; that's the way they were written over and over again. It impresses the mind, easy to remember. It's being part of you," Dodie said.

With audience participation, the Stevens' sing other songs of youthful hope and happiness.

"We're trying to bring all of those messages of good things to the little ones here in elementary school," Dodie said.

A half-century away from the height of her stardom, singing to an audience whose grandparents remember her hit, Dodie Stevens is still using her God-given talents to make a difference.

"Rockin' To The Oldies"

Nov 16, 2019
Gardiner W. Spring Auditorium
Ontario CA

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